9 day old Fern

9 day old Fern came to the studio with her mummy, daddy and auntie. They brought with them wonderful prop to make little Fern’s session unique and personal to them. They had bunting and a wooden crate from their wedding, fern leaves (for obvious reasons), different coloured tulips and some beautiful hand made/customisable headbands made by her very clever auntie.

Fern was a little reluctant to participate as she loved a good cuddle and didn’t like to be put down... but we got there and with the four of us working in sync with each other (I was taking the snaps while they changed the props around little Fern), we got some lovely photos.

My favourite: the first image of Fern happy asleep with tulips and a little Easter bunny. Also with Fern surrounded by fern leaves popping up in the background. Subtle and lovely.

Hot air balloon channel crossing world record attempt 2017

In 2011 we took some pictures of the world record balloon flight - you can see the images here. One of our images was actually used on the web page for the event.

When I heard there was another attempt planned I knew that I needed to see it. Seeing the sky full of hot air balloons is an amazing spectacle. The objective as a photographer is obviously to try and tell the story of the event which means trying to get a shot of as many balloons as possible over a landmark. The image as the balloons approached Dover Castle was quite nice but they were a little too far away.

My favourite image is as they leave the White Cliffs and head over the harbour with the cross channel ferries in the foreground.

This really is a tremendous event and I am pleased that the record attempt was successful.