1990's Fashion with Madam Popoff in Margate - Kent Fashion Photography

An editorial style shoot with a 90's heroin chic influence. I will be honest, I didn't really have to do very much - Deborah (Madam Popoff) was responsible for the styling and artistic direction. The dress was the same as the one worn by Kelly Macdonald in Trainspotting. The brief for the hair was big - big hair and Amanda and Liam from Vanilla Rooms did an amazing jog. Emily White was in charge of make-up to complete the look.

Angela's Cafe in Margate provided the perfect location having been recently refurbished in a 90's style. I started with some natural light images the soft light from the big windows was perfect for normal portraits but it wasn't really the look I wanted.




We needed a much harder darker look to give a grungy atmosphere to the shoot - I really wanted a night time feel for the final images.


A shameless plug for the special edition Tracey Emin Margate mugs available from Margate Kiss Me Quick shop.


I used a small softbox but replaced the diffusion panel with a square of cardboard with some slits cut out. This sounds quite precise but the really this was just a section of cardboard box with some slots roughly hacked out with a stanley knife. This gave the feeling of light coming through blinds and provided a much more contrasty look.



The beauty of the DIY cardboard modifier was that I could create horizontal or vertical patterns. Vertical or horizontal blids if you like!!  You can see the modifier in action in the image below.



A nice little shot of the outside of the cafe to finish.



Before I sign off I will share a couple of images accepted by the Vogue Itatia website.


kent fashion Photographer Margate




Model - Katka Madzin | Stylist - Madam Popoff | Hair - Liam and Mandy, The Vanilla Rooms | MUA - Emily White | Location - Angelas Cafe | Photography Assistant - Vilte Karaliute | Photographer - Alan Langley