A day in the life - local press photographer

I used to blog lots of what I did but now apart from the odd wedding I sadly blog anything. Part of the problem is just being busy the other aspect is sometimes the work is not exactly riveting. Someone once said, not sure who as it seems to be attributed to different people, but to take better pictures stand in front of better things. I am sure it is true and could argue the point for pretty much all genres of photography but does this perfection make good blog posts?


I thought I would give an example of a press day. I freelance for the local papers and on this Saturday worked for the Kent Messenger Group covering the Dover Deal patch. Many people don't really understand the role of freelance photographers for local press. Effectively we get paid for a shift and during that time we cover any number of jobs depending on time and location.  The jobs can be anything from a simple portrait, to an event or sports match. Sometimes just one picture is required but more often it is multiple pictures. Obviously we take the pictures but they also have to be captioned. This where the detail of the picture is written in into the meta data of the image, the who, what, where, when, why - they say a picture tells a story which is often true but the detail is not searchable without the information in writing.

Anyway enough waffle ... 

My day started at a Medieval Festival - these re-enactors take their roles very seriously, This is one of many shots from the visit.


Then it was on to Dover for some portraits of some gentlemen who have just published a book about the 2nd World war.


Then cricket...


Followed by football, 


Then more football!