A fashion experiment with UV | Dover Photographers


Another in our series of collaboration shoots. We decided to go for a swimwear theme using products from Debenham's Folkestone. The next decision was location, our stylist Kath arranged for us to use the skatepark at Folkestone to take advantage of the graffiti Our MUA Lucy and Hairstylist then decided they wanted to introduce a Disco twist using flourescent make-up and hair extensions. Our challenge was to bring the flourescent hair and make the make-up to life. To do this we used a UV flash and played with balancing the natural light and the UV light. Thomas and I wanted to produce the effects without using photoshop. The flourescent effects in these images are pretty much straight out of camera.

I would really like to try this again but would need to be in an environment where we had more control over the ambient light or where we had a much more powerful UV source. For this we used a UV modified Metz 76 MZ flash.

For the make-up fans, Lucy used Stargazer uv makeup and lashes and also incorporated uv bodypaint onto the eyes so the makeup would also be as striking in natural light.

A big thanks to the team for pulling this together but special thanks must go to our beautiful models who put up with not just the bitter see breeze but also the banter from the skaters!!







Clever stuff - Thomas Langley UV Flash Stand - Hazel Langley Models – Hannah Dring, Emily Marambakuyana MUA – Lucy Moat – Maid-up Makeup Artistry assisted by Tasha Shields Styling – Kathy Smith – Maid-up Makeup Artistry Hair – Jennifer Andrews – Little Miracles Hair Salon Outfits – Debenhams Folkestone