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I am sitting here looking out at the snowy scene and reviewing our bookings for this year, we are going to be incredibly busy. We have some great local and not so local venues, Leeds Castle, Cooling Castle, Chilston Park to name but a few. The increased level of work will bring another set of problems - obviously more weddings means more editing!! Over the quiet period we have been working hard on our technique. Digital cameras can make you lazy - you are not restricted on how many pictures you take and overshooting can be a massive problem. Knowing you have the shot you want and being confident to move on is a valuable skill. Nailing the shot in camera becomes more and more important - it is ok saying that you can correct the white balance etc later but it is a mistake if you can take a few extra seconds to get it right there and then. This year you will see a more technically disciplined Dover Design working hard to minimise the post production work.  


We have also been working an the artistic side of things. Followers of our blogs you will have seen plenty examples of fashion shoots with some amazing local models, stylists and make-up artists. I personally believe that this work is incredibly important to help you grow as a photographer. Different looks, angles, lighting used on fashion shoots will find themselves appearing in your wedding portfolio. We have many more shoots happening over the next few weeks so watch this space. I actually can't believe just how many we do have lined up. If you have an idea for a shoot or want to collaborate please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


make-over and photo shoot (3)


As wedding photographers we also need to look for artistic inspiration. I used to follow loads of the worlds top wedding photographers but I have made a conscious effort to STOP following them. Why ... if we all follow each other then everyone will end up looking the same. I know that is a bit of a sweeping statement but hopefully you know what I mean. I still look at a few wedding photographer's blogs - my favourite is without doubt Ryan Brenizer who in my opinion is the best wedding photographer in the world. I now try to look for inspiration elsewhere.

One of the blogs I do follow is Fashion gone Rogue - this treats me to a daily supply of images from the worlds top fashion photographers. I also look at work from Andrea Klarin, Steven Meisel etc and Melissa Rodwell who shares a lot with other photographers.


Kent Fashion Photographer (1)


Ramble over - time to take the dogs for a walk in the snow :-)

ps.... make sure you follow Thomas' blog too