Bridal Fashion Photography on the Farm - Kent Wedding Photographers.

Bridal Fashion Photography - Everyone who knows me well understands that I am pre-occupied with taking pictures. A lot of businesses spend a lot of time and effort on branding and advertising but for me the single most important thing is the photography. Throughout the wedding down season I exploit every opportunity to practice and hone my skills.  When Kylie offered me the chance to shoot at the farm I knew it was too good an opportunity to miss. The styling and concept is thanks to Kylie Marsh, not only did she research the era and advise on hair and make-up styles but she also sourced the fantastic 70's dress. In addition to her role as creative director she also kept us supplied with homemade cake - good news for any artistic team.

Many thanks to Lucy Moat  and Tasha Shields for Make-up and Hair styling - Maid-Up Makeup Artistry. Also special thanks to our beautiful model Abigail  Greenfield who was a real pleasure to work with.

For me it was an opportunity to attempt to quickly capture some stunning images in a short time. I even used TTL flash for a few of these - having Vi Karaliūtė assisting meant I could get a small softbox in nice and close. As always with TTL I found the results inconsitent but for a rapidly moving wedding environment in full sun the high speed synch does provide a simple solution.

After the TTL experiment I reverted to the fashion photographers favourite - using the beauty dish to balance the ambient light. I even used just natural light for a few of the  looks.

All in all a great team and a great couple of hours photography - but a above all a great opportunity to practice.


Photography by Kent Wedding Photographer - Alan Langley]