Daisy - Cake Smash

Daisy’s mummy was very keen to have Daisy smiling in her First Year photos, Daisy had had some nursery photos and had looked a little forlorn so she was over the moon when Daisy put on her best toothy display during her cake smash session. Daisy was an absolute delight and enjoyed waving her confetti balloons about, sitting in my lap for cuddles (I had to remind her that I was meant to be taking photos of HER!), handing bits of icing to her mummy and generally being an absolute sweetheart.

Cake Smashes have become one of my favourite types of session. You can see so much personality in a child in such a small window of time and what I love is that all rules are out the window. Cake can go on the ceiling, I can be covered head to toe in 100s and 1000s, as long as that child is happy, comfortable and safe.