Daniella 15 days

Daniella came to the studio with her mummy daddy and granny (who was visiting from Romania). Whilst in most newborn sessions babies take a little time to soothe, little Daniella was overwhelmed from her busy morning and was not settling in the baskets and beanbag. We decided therefore to reschedule the session and the whole family came back the following week to finish the session. She was as good as gold which just proves babies are 1. Unpredictable 2. Lots of things can cause a newborn to act out of ‘character’ and 3. To never be disheartened...you will capture beautiful photos of your baby!

I was so pleased that her parents decided to come back to get the pictures they wanted. We aimed to get lots of photos of them together as a family but Daniella nodded off and we managed to get more gorgeous portraits of her. Her parents were thrilled.