Engagearazzi | Karl and Cheyanne | Kent Wedding Photographers

Engagearazzi ... a play on words. Engagement session with a paparazzi twist!!

We have for some time offered pre-wedding photo shoots to our wedding couples, some photographers call them engagement sessions but I have never liked the term as it is not actually an engagement shoot.
I received an email from Karl explaining that he was visiting Dover with his girlfriend Cheyanne from their home town in Iowa USA. Whilst here he was planning on asking Cheyanne to marry him. He also described that he would like to do this somewhere overlooking the channel. My role was simple to arrange a small picnic and hide it at a predetermined place then pretend to be an anorak nature photographer but to actually secretly shoot the engagement in real time.

Oh, and did I mention the reason for their visit to the UK? Well just to make the story even more compelling Cheyanne was here to solo swim the English Channel to raise money for a cancer research project.
On Friday afternoon we got the message that the conditions were right for the swim and that they would be leaving from Samphire Hoe. 15 hours and 39 minutes later Cheyanne arrived in Sangatte France having covered 31 nautical miles. What an incredible achievement.
If you would like to support Cheyanne there is still time - please visit the donations page.