Evelyn-Rose 14days old

I went to primary school with the mother of Evelyn-Rose, the last time we saw each other was 15years ago... now that makes me feel old. It was beyond a pleasure to now reacquaint ourselves through photographing her beautiful baby girl. I was told that Evelyn-Rose was a good girl and would just sleep and stare happily and she would be no trouble. I have sometimes heard this before and it didn't always pan out that way... this time however Evelyn-Rose lived up to her mothers words! She was so alert and happy, staring right at me and the camera, something I always marvel at in young babies, she slept so beautifully in amongst flowers (consisting of roses of course). All in all it turned out to be such a lovely session, filled with laughter, catching up and cooing over another beautiful baby. My job is awesome.