I am not a fashion photographer.

I am not a fashion photographer. I have been doing many fashion based shoots lately which I really enjoy but I am not and never will be a fashion photographer. Take one look at me, I don't live and breathe fashion which is what you need to do to be a success in this field. It is easy to take a few shots in any type of photography and then to consider yourself an expert - a quick look at wedding photographers and you will see some who profess to deliver the world but have not actually ever shot a wedding. Everyone has to start somewhere and that is one of the fabulous things about digital photography, the tools are easily available and the results instantaneous. I would also actively encourage anyone to have a go but like any other business learn the basics first. if I am not a fashion photographer then why do so many 'fashion' shoots? I try to do as much personal work as I can, working and collaborating with as many creatives as possible. I enjoy working on a highly styled shoot where everyone is committed to the end product but more importantly the journey there. With a great model and a keen creative team the photographers job is much easier but this I believe is where the difference between a people photographer and a fashion photographer lies. As a photographer of people, I look to get the best shots of the model, I want her to love the pictures, I am much less interested in the overall look. To me it is a connection that I need and look for. The truly great fashion photographers are looking at so much more, the concept, the look the feel and their results are so very different.

I will continue to do my 'fashion' styled photo shoots as long as there are people who are keen to get involved and collaborate but I remain Alan the Wedding Photographer :-) If you have an idea or concept or wold just like to be involved please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

When choosing your own wedding vendors it would be interesting to ask about what else they work on? The people I work with are extremely keen and focused on continual improvement, their eyes would light up at having the opportunity to discuss their recent projects. You already know they can do their day job that's a given - isn't it?

Photoshoot make-up.