Instagram again

I am talking about Instagram again. You may remember my last exploits with Instagram where I effectively managed to break my account by trying to use it as a photographer. Since then I have moved on a little. I will be quite honest with you, I didn't really get the whole Instagram thing. This was something the kids did on their smartphones - not something for me. As a professional wedding photographer why would I want to take inferior 'snaps' on my phone then share them publicly for the world to see?

Things changed when my son passed on his old iPhone to me when he upgraded. There is a stage in life where things change, it is a bit of a milestone. This is where the kids have suddenly grown up and they hand things down to you!




So with my new toy I needed to find things to do with it so started using Instagram. I won't bore you with my previous experience you can read about it here if you are really procrastinating. I take pictures as my job, wedding pictures, portraits, fashion images and off course commercial work. I plan them, take them, edit them, deliver them, send out contracts, arrange releases, negotiate contracts. All of this goes with the photographer's job!

With my phone I take a picture, perhaps add a little filter, upload and move on. It is nothing like the day job it is a bit of fun and it is pretty much instant. Well it would be if my hashtag typing was a bit quicker and if I could see the little screen through my vari-focals.

I do see other professional photographers still effectively uploading their portfolio material or shots they have taken on a 'real' camera to Instagram but I think they are missing the fun and the charm of the application. There are loads of places for portfolio pictures and I don't think Instagram is one of them but each to their own.

I am a convert, I love it, on my morning walk in the beautiful Kent countryside with the dogs I am always on the look out for simple creative photo opportunities. The social aspect is cool too I see pictures from friends and colleagues from all over the world. Little instant snapshots of their lives - if you don't follow me already I am alanlangleyphoto