Kit Review - Neewer Tripod Leveling Base

Increasingly for commercial and PR photography I now shoot more video. One of the golden rules for video is obviously a steady base for your camera. Nothing ruins video more than a shakey camera. Most stills photographers will have tripods but if like me rarely use them except in the studio.There is nothing wrong with using your still photography tripod for video but if you do you will quickly realise that leveling is a problem. With most 'still' tripods you have to adjust the legs to get the head level. This is do-able with time and patience but a real inconvenience. Video tripods tend to mount their heads on a half ball joint mechanism for quick and easy head leveling.

There are various leveling base options but I chose the Neewer Tripod Leveling Base. The base attaches to the legs of your tripod via a 3/8 connection you then simply attach your head to the base.

I was very impressed by the build quality and ease of use. There is a lever release that you loosen allowing you to tilt or rotate the base, there is also an offset leveling bubble to help you.

I can't believe just how effective this device is. As I have said my prime reason for purchase was for video use but it is a godsend for stills too. I typically use mine with an edelkrone sliderone which is now the perfect mini slider.