Maid-Up Makeup Artistry Beauty Shoot - Behind The Scenes

A beauty shoot - not our normal line of work but it was lots of fun. Beauty photography is all about the cosmetic styling, the make-up, the hair and of course a perfect picture of the model. Fashion photography on the other hand relies on the cosmetic styling but is all about the clothes. This is my definition and I am sure that not everyone will agree and I don't really care! For this project it was all about showing off the skills of the hair and make-up team to make the very best of our beautiful models, Kaira, Amy and Stephanie. This shoot was for Maid-Up Makeup Artistry and I know that Lucy and Chhimmi will go into the looks they created on their blogs so I will just concentrate on the photography.

Our objective was to produce clean, detailed images with minimal distractions. We shot on location

The lighting set up was pretty simple, a 60cm socked beauty dish as main placed centrally and above the camera, angled down. Again directly in front of the model we had a 90x40 softbox angled up to provide fill.

We used our new Chinese Nicephoto flash, it is a 600ws head with built in battery and radio trigger - it might not be a named brand but it is very user friendly and convenient. It also benefits from a Bowens S mount which means it is very easy to source modifiers. The flash was set at 1/32 power most of the time a flashed happily all day. Early days yet but so far I love the simplicity of the new flash. One thing to note however is the maximun synch using the built in trigger is only 1/160 and for some bizarre reason it doesn't work with the Skyports. This info has been passed on to the nice people at Nicephoto and they are investigating, I will update when I hear back from them

The slave was powered by a humble Nikon SB28 with an Elinchrom trigger.

We used the Nikon D3 with the 105 macro prime for all images shooting tethered to a Macbook Pro running Lightroom 4. For the majority of images the camera was set at 160/F11. The background was the Lastolite Hi-Lite but without any lights in it giving a nice shade of grey. I would of liked a little more distance between the subjects and the background but space was limited.

Post production involved a check in Lightroom followed by a clean up in Photoshop CS5. I wanted to avoid an over processed finish but to still provide clean editorial standard images.

You can see the end results here



Thanks to our models Kaira, Stephanie and Amy

Hair – The team at Little Miracles

Makeup – Chhimmi and Lucy Maid-Up Makeup Artistry – Maid-Up Makeup Artistry

Special thanks to Jennifer at Little Miracles for allowing us to take over her fantastic salon for a day and to Thomas for putting up with me and taking all of the BTS shots.