Myra's Weaning Ceremony

I photographed Myra and her big sister at the end of last year when Myra was new to the world. I therefore felt very privileged to be asked to photograph her Weaning Ceremony (a ceremony to celebrate the baby first trying rice, or solid food around 5-6months.)

I had never photographed this type of ceremony before but it was absolutely beautiful. It was wonderful to have so many guests in stunning traditional saris and dresses, the smells of the (very tasty and spicy) curry in the background and then to witness the traditional ceremony itself.

Myra was such a good, happy girl as she had hundreds of guests bestow upon her, rice to her forehead, a spoon to her lips, envelopes containing gifts and silk printed scarves draped around her neck. It was lovely to feel a part of the evening and to watch so many families coming together to celebrate not only tradition but family and community ties.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph and I look forward to the next ceremony (of another client) in April...