Event Photography - The Wellbeing Symposium

Event Photography

A bit of a cliché, saying that I love my job but sometimes I do. Covering different events is a great chance to attend things that I would never normally go to.

This is the third year that I have had the opportunity to photograph the Wellbeing Symposium and awards. The event organised by Pillory Barn brings together the countries health and wellbeing leads into an information packed day of presentations, workshops and interactive demonstrations. I find that the event is a good fit for me as many of my existing photography clients are in the health, education and care sectors.

The highlights for me were listening to happiness guru Lord Layard - as someone who doesn't naturally smile a presentation on the economics of happiness was a real eye opener. Paralympian and TV favourite Steve Brown presentation was captivating and inspirational. Whist he was talking you could of heard a pin drop - I even briefly forgot to take pictures. 

My brief was to capture the atmosphere of the event creating a visual record for press and PR purposes.