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On Friday we were lucky enough to attend the Joe McNally's workshop arranged by Kelby training at the Islington Design Centre. You can see his blog entry about it here:

Joe is a real natural in front of an audience and it was an informative, entertaining day. I still remain unconvinced about CLS! If you get the chance to attend one of his workshops I would definitely recommend it - we had a great time!!

Dover Design Photographers - Joe McNally

More snow in Dover - A2 Blocked

It snowed here overnight - by UK standards quite a lot. The US branch of the family have told us that it was only a dusting but it was significant for us. When it snows here I always listen to local radio - the only time I do. I heard that the main road that runs from Dover to London was blocked and had been for a number of hours. Given that I didn't have too much to do I decided to set off on foot to find out what was going on. After a fair walk passing miles of queuing traffic I arrived at the cause of the problem. A lorry had partially gone off the road and got stuck. When I arrived on the scene the recovery teams were just winching it out. I took a few pictures and headed for home. I sent my pictures to a number of news agencies and one of them was used.

Dover Photographer - snow Dover Photographer - snow scene

Dover photographer - lorry in snow Dover, Kent, Photography - trucks stuck in snow.