time lapse

Fashion Lapse - Part 3

I am working on an idea for time lapses - I call them 'fashion lapses'.The idea really is just to create a scene with two 'speeds' the background and the subject. This is still very much work in progress but I thought I would share the concept.

My first attempts were flawed mainly due to flicker. I was using my lens in manual mode but there was a flicker caused by tiny variances in aperture. On this occasion I used an old fully manual lens which meant I could select the aperture I needed and the dreaded flicker was eliminated. I still have a long way to go but I am getting closer to the results that I want.  What is painfully clear is that you are so reliant on the weather conditions - this process is going to take a lot of patience and early mornings!

Once again I used Triggertrap as my triggering system and this time I had the Phone trap which is a great way of supporting your phone during the time lapse process.

fashion lapse-16443

My model today was the lovely Shannon and she did pretty well at standing still - we even managed to find some time to take a few nice pictures of her. If you fancy yourself as a Fashion Lapse victim model please get in touch.

fashion lapse-16308
fashion lapse-16342
fashion lapse-16356
fashion lapse-16383