The Wedding reporter - Emma Woodhouse

I have been following Emma on Twitter for some time. I was intrigued when I first saw that she was a wedding reporter. I stumbled across her work when I was trying to decide if I should add any commentary to my wedding blog posts. Most photographers now blog weddings and some add text. The trouble is that generally photographers are not writers and the words can be a bit clumsy. '....From the first time I met xxxx and xxxx I knew we were going to have such fun. When xxxx arrived she looked radiant ... blah blah blah ...."

We have all seen the posts and I think the text can detract from the images - unless of course you are a writer!!

Emma,  the Wedding reporter provides a service where she attends your wedding, notebook in hand and produces a literary account of your day. The story can then be presented in a bespoke hard back book. Have a look at her website and read some of the examples and the feedback. A very talented lady offering a unique service that will stand the test of time.

Emma is based in Bristol but is happy to travel - if I was planning a wedding after booking the photographer I would find a way to have her on the guest list.


The Wedding reporter

Image courtesy of Ali Lovegrove Photography