Timelapse Photography Experiment - Triggertrap

Timelapse Photography Experiment

I spend pretty much all of my time taking, editing, printing, blogging , backing up and talking about pictures. You really would be surprised at just how much work goes on behind the scenes for your average jobbing photographer. So what do I do to entertain myself .... spend a couple of hours in the park taking more pictures.

Timelapse photography has interested me for a long time, when my wife got a Canon G9 I was amazed at its timelapse capabilities. I actually stuck it on the car dashboard and recorded our journey to the south of France back in 2008.

Anyway back to today, I wanted to try a timelapse using a Triggertrap V1 as my triggering device. I decided that at 30fps three hundred frames would get me ten seconds of video. I tried a number of scenes and basically just stitched them together to create a single movie. The objective here was really for me to look at the results not to produce a work of art.

You can see my attempt below - some bits worked and some didn't! The feeding of the ducks scene was a bit of a fail but I can see that I like clouds and lens flare.

My set-up for this was the humble Nikon D90 with a 17-50 2.8 lens all safe and secure on my trusty tripod. I used an ND4 filter to achieve the lower shutter speeds and as mentioned above used a Triggertrap V1 as my triggering device. I used Timelapse Assembler to create the movie file from the individual frames.

For those of you who don't know about Triggertrap they sell a mobile dongle which plugs into your Android or iPhone and lets you do all sorts of clever things. They are also producing a new high speed triggering device which is currently being launched on Kickstarter.

You will be seeing more timelapse from me soon ... watch this space



Kearsney Timelapse short from Alan Langley on Vimeo.