On Fire

I have recently been doing more non-wedding work than ever before, although from my posts you wouldn't believe it. So today a news picture. This was a huge haystack on fire. I took a number of shots but you just couldn't see the scale of the fire. Then out of nowhere the four wheel drive drove past giving me the perspective I needed.  

I feel terribly sorry for the farmers in situations like this. I don't suppose it was a case of spontaneous combustion and I doubt the perpetrators will ever be caught.


field fire-7389

Fiat lvx - Let there be light

Fiat Lvx - Let there be Light, it was the motto from my old school and to this day sends a shudder down my spine. As a photographer it is the thing - the thing that makes the difference. Good light, or the right light in the right direction or bad light in the wrong direction. Basically light is what makes or breaks an image. In this rather touching example the light comes from a remote flash and it transforms the image.  

First dance-1-2

A moment

Another wedding picture taken recently at Swarling Manor wedding venue. I say it is a wedding picture but that is not strictly true. The couple had married previously in Australia but were having a second wedding celebration for friends and family in the UK who couldn't make the Aussie booking.

This picture was taken on a little walk around the grounds. I as usual was trying to capture something nice and natural. Grappling through the undergrowth, shooting through the shrubs and plants to capture an artistic frame and this was the result. Well actually there are a few but I like this 'moment'.
It looks good in colour but the black and white conversion removes some of the distractions.
Anyway - best get on with my wedding editing :-)

Swarling Manor Wedding Photography-10

First Dance

The first dance, it is one of those shots, along with the register signing the first kiss and the cake cutting. A cornerstone shot - one we all do. This is my recipe ... Two speed-lights on stands either side of the dance floor, angled in a little and normally around 1/8th power. The set up gives you a variety of shots. Shoot into the light and you can get a nice silhouette effect - and you know how much I like a silhouette. Shoot from the other side and you get a beautiful cross lit couple with the crowd nicely illuminated in the background. You can of course add a bit of on camera fill for even more variations on a theme.

This is a recent shot from Helen and Jon's wedding at the fabulous Old Kent Barn. On this example I even managed a bit of lens flare from my old 24mm prime.

First Dance-1

Smart dressed man

Amongst all of the shiny body work and the perfect chrome I was drawn to this old truck. Possibly because it is in similar or slightly better condition than my car or possibly because of its honesty. Since I saw it at the Whitstable Classic Car show I have had ZZ Top smart dressed man going round in my head on a continuous loop. Sad because it would appear that I can only remember one line so it is a very short loop. 'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.'

Not a notable picture but I like it.


Nice paint-1

The Ferry House in at Harty

A trip to The Ferry House Inn at Harty. I have lived in Kent all of my life and visited Sheppey on many occasions but this was my first visit to Harty. It is desolate but beautiful with views across the Swale to Faversham, Whitstable and Herne Bay. On a good day this place is an amazing venue for a wedding photographer. I was lucky enough to be there on such a day, pleasantly warm with a slight breeze and a changeable sky.

Add to this an amazing couple and great guests - it made for the perfect wedding day. I am posting this in my 'A picture or two' section so I am only going to share one picture for now. I am spoilt for choice and really can't wait to get on with editing the rest.


Wedding Photography at the Ferry inn Harty


I love a silhouette and often like to do one at weddings. If you are lucky enough to have a stone arch then that really is the icing on the silhouette cake. Gateways are good but arches are better! This shot was taken at the wonderful Solton Manor wedding venue. The owner as built stonewalls and arches from a reclaimed church all of which provide amazing photographic backgrounds.

I use a remote flash on a stand normally set to around 1/8th power and 'hide' it behind the couple, This is obviously much easier if there are two of you but it is still quick and easy to do on your own. I have been using the cheap Yongnuo YN560-III & RF-603 for a couple of months for OCF work and really really can't fault them.


Silhoutte Photography