I am a little apprehensive that my newborn baby won’t go to sleep during the session…
All newborns are different. Some may sleep for the entire shoot and others may stay awake, need cuddles and some soothing before they relax into poses. Don’t worry! There is no rush and I always work with your baby to ensure they are calm and happy.

When should I feed my baby/toddler?
With regards to feeding, stick to your routine! There will be plenty of time for feeds and cuddles during the shoot.
For older children, let me know when your child will be at their best, after snacks or lunch and I will always try to accommodate.

What should I dress my baby/child in for the session?
It is a good idea to put your baby in ONE babygrow as this minimises the undressing once you arrive. I wrap babies up in different coloured wraps so no need to bring outfit changes. 
Toddlers (5months and over) and older children bring a couple of outfit changes – for variety.

We would like to have some family photos, what should we wear?
I would suggest wearing light loose clothes for the studio as it gets very warm during the newborn session to ensure the baby is happy and sleepy. If you would like family shots with your baby, then please consider wearing dark complimentary colours, avoid whites/creams.

I have another child/older sibling, can they feature in the session as well?
Of course! There is an additional charge of £15 for another sibling. Just let me know the age of the sibling in advance and bring some changes of outfits, to assist with creating variety.

I would like to bring some special keepsakes, could these be included in the session?
Please bring any meaningful items with you; these can be homemade blankets, teddy bears, hospital tags etc. Obviously, if nothing springs to mind – please don’t fret!

I have seen photos which feature flowers around the baby in a basket, do you supply the flowers?
I would suggest you purchase flowers for your baby’s session that are suited to your taste. 

My baby has dry skin and blemishes, can these be edited out?
All babies experience some dry skin or baby spots in their early weeks, don’t fret. I edit each image paying particular attention to such details.

My child is booked in for a cake smash, what should I bring?
I always ask the parents to bring a cake, you can decide on the colour scheme and the ingredients. You are welcome to bring balloons, banners, confetti – anything to make the session fun and personal. I have a cake stand and bunting to choose from.

What is the address for the studio and is there parking?
The studio is located at Cowper Road, River, CT17 0PF. On the first right, there is a little ‘black cabin’ and there is off road gravel parking or you can park on Lewisham Road and walk up.

When do I get my images and prints?
On the day of the session, you will be sent an edited “preview” image of your baby. If you have given consent the same image will appear on the Dover Design Facebook page, which you are welcome to share. The gallery of edited images should follow within the following 4 days. Prints can be up to two weeks after the session, depending on when you choose the images and the order date.

If there are any problems how can we contact you?
I always have my phone on me, so call or text: 07903 784723 or email: